Creative Roof And Balcony Gardens

If you live in the city and are fortunate enough to have access to a balcony or a flat portion of roof, you have the potential to create a thing of rare beauty – a “garden in the sky. These areas present a unique challenge for landscaping ideas because they are liable to be in the path of every wind that blows, and scorched by sun. However, with the right planning and planting ideas, you can make a screen to block out a lot of the wind and create a little shade to give protection from the piercing rays of the sun.
The first essential in planning such a garden is to research the construction of the building. Find out what materials the roof or balcony is made of and how it is put together. Balconies and roof space can be very small areas and if they’re required hold potted plants, furniture, and other decor, they should be able to support a considerable amount of weight. When designing and building small gardens on balconies or roofs, the roof has to be water tight so that there are no leaks. Also, a good system for drainage is important to help channel excess water away. There should also be a safe way to get to the roof if it is going to be easily accessed and enjoyed.
There’s always the possibility that there may be some utility wire or poles in or around your roof or balcony gardens. With the right plant placement, these can be masked or hidden. While small containers and pots filled with flowers will add a visual element to the garden, taller larger container plants can also create a screen to block out neighboring views and keep your atmosphere in. When designing any small spaces like small gardens, patio ideas, and courtyards, try not to crowd the small amount of space that you have. Make sure to plan in a little seating area to enjoy the views.
It’s often best practice to use long light weight wood planters rather than a lot of small pots as it will spread the weight of the load out over more area. Remember to use a soil-moistening product in the container mix, which will help with maintenance, as plants in a mix containing these products require less watering. If the roof can’t hold much weight, another consideration for plants is hydroponics. Hydroponically grown plants only need nutrient liquid and a light base so the pots with plants don’t weigh near as much as dirt filled pots.
Your roof garden is also a great place to keep a small worm farm so that your prize plants can benefit while you also get rid of household wastes.

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