Eight tips for taking care of a dog at home

It is convenient to know some advices to take care of a dog at home and to achieve that the coexistence between the tutor and the dog is peaceful. Dogs are very faithful and loyal animals, but they can be a little disobedient if they are not educated correctly. You will probably need best collar for training dog walking.

Besides, it is not the same to take care of a puppy than an adult dog, so the tricks to use will not be the same. So, here are some guidelines that can be put into practice.

How to take care of a puppy at home

When you receive a puppy at home, you have to take into account that it is a very small animal that requires a lot of care. We list them in the following lines.

  1. Keep dangerous items out of reach
    Puppies are extremely curious and can easily get into trouble. Therefore, things that can be dangerous such as disinfectants, insecticides and other items containing chemicals should be hidden and kept high.

This will reduce the risk of the animal ingesting any of these toxic compounds and getting sick, as they can be deadly. In addition, if you have a garden, you must eliminate some plants that may be poisonous to the puppy.

  1. Do not leave him alone in dangerous places
    Never leave a puppy alone in places where it can get hurt, whether indoors or outdoors. Outdoors, puppies can skate or fall into a hole on balconies, terraces or mezzanines.

Inside, one of the most dangerous places for the animal is the bathroom. Puppies often play with toilet water, which can be a hard habit to break and harmful if they drink the cleaning fluid.

  1. Have the different objects needed at home
    When you receive the puppy at home and you have taken into account the above details, you must also know that the animal needs some basic objects:
  • Collar, leash and harness for when you take him/her for a walk.
  • Containers for food and water. Preferably metal.
  • Brush and comb.
  • Suitable toys.
  • Bed and sleeping space.
  1. Educating the puppy
    If the puppy is educated according to a set of rules from the beginning, problems can be avoided in the future. One of the most important rules is the socialization with other dogs and with humans in a proper way.

The puppy should also be taught how to deal with children, just as infants should be taught how to deal with animals. Children need to be able to correctly interpret the dog’s language and be able to properly interact with it.

How to care for an adult dog at home

In the case of an adult dog, you cannot follow exactly the same guidelines as for a puppy. For that reason, the advices to take care of a dog at home imply taking into account aspects such as

  1. Balanced and adequate feeding
    Food is indispensable for the dog to have adequate health and enough energy to be active during the day. In addition, a correct feeding will reduce the risk of suffering diseases such as diabetes or obesity.
  2. Control the destruction of furniture
    Dogs can destroy garden furniture or plants when they have excess energy that hasn’t been expended through exercise. Another option is that they want to get their owners’ attention or that they get bored and look for entertainment.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to tire the dog with daily exercise or provide him with toys, motivating the animal both mentally and physically. If not, these types of acts occur, to which it is never necessary to react using violence on the animal.

  1. To know the canine corporal language
    To interpret dog language, one must look at both body language and the gestures or sounds that the dogs make. This is because dogs use their whole body, from their head or ears to their tail, to send visual signals.

By knowing and correctly interpreting the dog’s body language, many behaviors that lead to conflict can be avoided. In addition, it is also necessary to be attentive to the different sounds that it emits, to know if the dog is calm, worried or in a defensive attitude.

  1. To have a routine
    All the above leads to the conclusion that it is appropriate and convenient to have a routine for the dog. In this way, having established activities to which he is accustomed, he will behave correctly.

In short, we have mentioned some tips to take care of a dog at home that will facilitate this task. The most important thing is, whenever possible, to have a routine that allows both the animal and his guardian to spend time together.

This way, through games or exercise, the animal will know when it is time to play and when it is time to let him rest or work. This way, both the dog and his family will be happy and will be able to avoid disobedient behaviors on the part of the animal.

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