Fleas in Your House

Just because you don’t notice fleas on your pets, it doesn’t mean you don’t have fleas in your house. At the beginning of a flea infestation, you are likely not going to see evidence of fleas on your pets right away. But be wary: A few fleas on your pet can turn into A LOT of fleas in your house in just a few months.
This is because the adult fleas you find on your pet only represent 5% of the total population of fleas in your house. The other 95% are in your carpet, on your couch, and under your bed!
Adult female fleas can start producing eggs within 1-2 days of being on a dog or cat. On average, she can produce 40-50 eggs a day (totaling over 2,000 eggs during her lifetime). These eggs will subsequently fall of your pet’s coat into your home (carpet, furniture, bed, etc.). The resulting flea pupae in your home can lay dormant in highly resistant cocoons for 5-140 days. The developing fleas prefer damp and cool floors (especially those of dirt, sand, or concrete), cracks, and corners. When conditions are favorable for their existence (warmth, humid environments, pets present to feed on, etc.), adult fleas will emerge from their cocoons and infest your house. This is why flea populations in your house may suddenly increase with the transition from Winter to Spring (a warmer environment), or when a pet arrives home from an extended vacation.
While the idea of insects living in your home can be disturbing to some, there are other important reasons to take action to get those fleas out of your house. Fleas in your house can bring with them plague-causing bacteria, tularemia, typhus, and tape worms. All animals in the house, and possibly the house itself, must be treated for at least 3-4 months to erradicate the fleas from the house permanently.
By far, the most efficient and effective way to get rid of a severe infestation of fleas in the house is to use a pest management specialist (otherwise known as a pest exterminator). Another relatively effective method of killing the flea egg, pupa, and larva in your house is steam cleaning. For mild to moderate flea infestations, vacuuming frequently (with burning of the sucked up debris afterwards), using well respected sprays, bombs, and aerosols, and laundering bedding, sheets, and soft toys at least weekly can be very helpful. But remember, these efforts must be made continuously for at least 3-4 months to effectively rid you of fleas in the house.

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