Kitchen as a functional area of an apartment

The kitchen is the most visited place in the apartment by houseofmacau reviews, which is tacitly considered the domain of the housewife.

It has been calculated that if the kitchen space is poorly organized, a woman “winds up” several kilometers. Specialists in the field of ergonomics conducted a study which helped to determine the optimal placement of household appliances.

The technological line consists of the following workplaces:

  • refrigerator;
  • Food processing workplace;
  • place for washing dishes and food;
  • cooking;
  • serving of food.

The stove must stand in close proximity to the eating area. But at the same time it should stand so as to exclude the possibility of accidental injury.

The refrigerator is better placed in one corner of the kitchen, but so that opening the door does not interfere with others.

Kitchen layout

There are the following popular types of kitchen layouts:

  • Single-row. Appliances and work surfaces are placed in one row. The length of the countertop should not be more than 3.66 m.
  • U-shaped. Placement of work areas, appliances, furniture near three walls, the free space in this case can be 1,2-2,8 m.
  • L-shaped. The arrangement of the main items at two perpendicular walls. Such an arrangement is most convenient in a small square-shaped kitchen.
  • Two-row. Placement of kitchen utensils along opposite walls. The chosen option is used if the kitchen is a passageway.

When designing the kitchen space, it is necessary to calculate the height of the working tables, which is 0.85 m.

The main criterion in carrying out the kitchen layout is the convenience and free movement of the housewife.

The choice of color of the kitchen decor can be different. Decorations can be bright colored curtains, glass, countertops, furniture fronts. You can decorate with all kinds of decorative items (figurines, wooden painted dishes, embroidered kitchen towels).

The apron over the countertop should be covered with ceramic tiles or moisture-resistant paint to prevent contamination from splashing grease when cooking.

If the kitchen environment is dominated by light colors, the color for the walls can be chosen dark, contrasting.

Flooring with this arrangement of color accents, you can choose bright colors with an intricate pattern. This will give a good mood, will make the everyday household work easier.

In the kitchen it is customary to use overhead lighting, but it is very convenient to place one or more lamps in the place of food processing and cooking. It is very convenient to install light in the hanging cabinets.

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