Tips for Growing Roses From Cuttings

You may want to learn how to grow roses but perhaps can’t afford to get them from a garden center. Or maybe you don’t want to waste time and money on rose bushes from such a source until you know for sure you have the right kind of green thumb. One way of finding out what color your thumb is may be by trying to grow a rose bush from a cutting. Do you have a friend or acquaintance with a rose garden? They might be willing to give you a few cuttings, so you can try the experiment.
You’ll have to pick your roses carefully, though, because not all types of roses grow well from cuttings. It’s likely some expert gardeners have managed to do it even with the difficult varieties, like hybrid teas. But if you still don’t know much about how to grow roses, or you’re not very experienced, then you will find varieties that simply will not grow by this method. Of course do some research to get specifics, but you can be fairly confident trying this with varieties like floribundas or miniatures.
You should do rose pruning in early spring, taking a few six-inch stems (or for miniatures, three-inch stems). Cut them on a slight slant, in the morning before the stresses of the day.
At one time, individuals knew how to grow roses with cuttings protected by Mason jars, and the method still works well. So when you have your cuttings, take off the lower leaves, with only a few at the top, and immerse the stems into a rooting powder. Then put them either into your garden soil or into containers of potting soil. At this time, put a Mason jar over each stem and water once in a while during the following few weeks.
When teaching people how to grow roses via cuttings, some recommend using containers with heating pads under them to encourage root development, though that may not be necessary if you’ve used rooting powder. In milder climates you should be able to grow the roses right outside, and may not even need Mason jars. Either way, it should take one or two months for the cuttings to become rooted. Once that has happened, and with continued research and rose care, you should be able to start creating a rose garden. You may discover your green thumb, and realize that this method of rose propagation is something you want to continue exploring.
Rose gardening can do wonders for your health. How can planting roses help your health? The simple act of tending your garden can help relieve a lot of stress from your life.

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